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“Everyone at Essentialleigh Chan Self-Care Lab is absolutely amazing! The environment is very nice and clean. They do a great job on my lashes every time.”
— Chrisine P.
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“I came here recently to get a facial. It’s one of the best I’ve ever received. I won’t go anywhere else.”
— Anthony W.
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“I had a great experience getting a lash lift at Essentialleigh Chan Self-Care Lab. The ladies were very knowledgeable and professional. I left with my lashes looking great! Thanks again!”
— Erin R.
“I haven’t had lashes done in years, so I decided to give Essentialleigh Chan Self-Care Lab a try. The staff is truly amazing! I also used to do lashes, so I know good lashes when I see them. I highly recommend them!”
— Francine S.
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